Successful start of our conference SOCIAL GLOCALISATION with a good atmosphere among our 130 international guests, who are received among others by Rector Hans Hobelsberger, Chancellor Bernward Robrecht and Helene Hofmann (International Office).

The musical tuning was well received by the participants.

Peter Schallenberg (christian social scientist and moral theologian) from Paderborn jumps in for curia cardinal Peter Turkson. The audience eagerly follows his talk on Church responsibilities as a global & local actor in glocalisation.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Heiner Bielefeldt (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) explains how local human rights organizations influence global organizations: "The globalization of human rights practice, which is a tangible reality in many parts of the world, remains an ongoing task."

The panels offered an interesting space for intelectual exchange and discussion.

„Time  for networking“

Bernadette Schwarz-Boennecke, Bernward Robrecht and Prof. Dr. Hans Hobelsberger welcomed the participants on the dinner and rhine boat trip.

A nice evening to end the first day of the congress…

…with a wonderful view on the Cologne Cathedral!

Greeting from ministerial director Ralf Thönnissen.

Assoc. Prof. Maureen McClure, Ph.D and Assoc. Prof. Maureen K.Porter, Ph.D. during their interactive lecture on the topic Local Meets Global: A Converging Conversation.

Prof. Dr. Fr. Abraham V.M. talked about Social Responsibility by Higher Education Institutions presenting Christ University Bangalore in India as an example.

Prof. Dr. Armin Wildfeuer during his speech about Idea and Function of Science in a Globalized World.

Thank you to our graphic recorder for transforming mind work into art!

The market place offered the perfect occasion to exchange ideas about topics relevant to higher education in a pleasant atmosphere with snacks and drinks.

An exclusive evening in Cologne Cathedral with organ music and an interesting talk by Canon Dr. Dominik Meiering.

A successfull international gathering at Katho NRW with participants from 25 countries!